The Door

Hey everyone ~

After venturing from novel writing into short story/ flash fiction waters as well, I check in to upload my latest one, kindly published by “121 Words” ~

Open The Door and like/share is of course most welcome!

‘It was like a Legoland in there. Helium balloons, koosh balls, rainbow slinkies… almost straight out of a nineties’ themed party.

“Have you lost your marbles?”

Charles had no recollection whatsoever. Yet the lean, middle-aged man hanging mid-air from a balloon expected an answer…

“Nice place you got in here, kid. Come, tell your old man a joke.”

None came readily to mind. He’d much rather try to unlock the graffitied door opposite him…

“Son! Come, tell me!”

His fingers clasped frantically around the doorknob, leaving their prints there. He pulled it, but it didn’t budge.

“Maybe it’s ‘push’,” urged the therapist.

His eyes shot open; against his therapist’s encouraging gaze, he discouraged himself for ever conceding to a hypnosis again.’


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