I am a lawyer by day, writer by the rest of the day ~

Having taken a liking to many things throughout my life, I still count writing and philosophy as undoubtedly my longest companions since almost forever and I suppose I always kept shaping my life around them. After completing my Master of Laws in History and Philosophy of Law as well as the National Book Center Workshop on Creative Writing for Fiction, I took one last long look at my piles of notebooks and crammed ideas of years and decided to take the leap and get my first novel published (it’s also currently under translation).

That and a few more other things accomplished, life keeps challenging me of course, as does us all, and I still find things to learn in the darkest moments; even more so about my own self. Hence come these infamous existentialist surges, if not daily, at least quite often – and hence through this blog I’ m sharing my journey towards mindfulness and awakening with you. I  hope we’re co-travellers – in truth, I know we are ~

 – You can find me as a contributing author at Tiny Buddha, Enallaktiki Drasi and The Minds Journal.