The Door

Hey everyone ~ After venturing from novel writing into short story/ flash fiction waters as well, I check in to upload my latest one, kindly published by “121 Words” ~ Open The Door and like/share is of course most welcome! ‘It was like a Legoland in there. Helium balloons, koosh balls, rainbow slinkies… almost straight … More The Door

Number Nine

I stood frozen, files scattered on the court’s yard. “Number nine!” The judge was calling out my case number. And I was stuck thinking, what were the odds the folder straps would snap the exact moment my nerves were also about to? 156 pages of corporate law pleadings and an overdue bill soaking in the … More Number Nine

~ To “hero” or to “anti-hero”… that is the question ~

Now don’t get me wrong. In my novels I’ve had stormy characters of the anti-hero clan come in their flawed, scarred armour and battle-worn wit and rescue me from the multi-headed Hydra of “The Writer’s Block”, so my point could never be against them. For better or for worse, both readers and writers tend to … More ~ To “hero” or to “anti-hero”… that is the question ~

The Philosopher

(Hello everyone! When Xmas is around the corner, there’s no telling where those sparks of creativity can take you ~ Wishing you all a fantastic time during the holiday, the merriest of Christmas and a New Year that surpasses any previous one by a long way.🎄🎆 Here’s celebrating it with a microfiction piece of exactly … More The Philosopher

“What’s in a name?” ~ 2 + 3 editing tips from and for a multi-tasking writer

‘Rain and tears are the same’, sing the Aphrodite’s Child in a popular tune of theirs ~ Well, during the past year I have been gearing up to wrap up the English translation of my novel, which is already published in my native language. Having studied English simultaneously with my native language since first grade … More “What’s in a name?” ~ 2 + 3 editing tips from and for a multi-tasking writer

Revisiting your Root

And think of ‘root’ as an umbrella term, whether you choose to call it ‘root chakra’ or simply your base, your grounding potential. Plus I say ‘revisiting’ because, although the root chakra might be the hardest one to keep open and healthy, we never really drift away from it. That is a comforting thought to … More Revisiting your Root