Revisiting your Root

And think of ‘root’ as an umbrella term, whether you choose to call it ‘root chakra’ or simply your base, your grounding potential. Plus I say ‘revisiting’ because, although the root chakra might be the hardest one to keep open and healthy, we never really drift away from it. That is a comforting thought to … More Revisiting your Root

Arc to ‘ego’, then speed on to ‘shadow’

Throughout our journey towards awakening and better understanding our true selves, we come across tons of information. And it ultimately comes down to what out of all this information really resonates with us at each particular phase of our lives. In this context, I have recently been pondering on the way some articles on awakening … More Arc to ‘ego’, then speed on to ‘shadow’

Toxic comes in fives

Theory has it that we attract into our lives people “matching” our subconscious, unhealed wounds and that those who are more susceptible to socializing with negative types of people have usually weak or no boundaries, are codependents or empaths. I certainly don’t imply having any scientific background on this subject, simply my own personal experiences … More Toxic comes in fives

Decoding “introvert”

Not a long time ago I came across an infographic on “introversion vs. extroversion” that got me thinking; in a predominantly extroverted society, this is another form of discrimination rarely spoken of. So, since extroversion is praised as strength, introversion must be a weakness. The colours of this image make the true point, though: both … More Decoding “introvert”

A Year of De-constructions – Or 12 Ways to Re-construct Yourself in 12 Months

It takes more than a mere blog entry to convey the many-level transformations 2016 has brought to my life as I knew it; and not that unexpectedly, now that I think about it. I know many of you can relate to this, whether you’re Sagittarians who are into astrology and facing the second year of … More A Year of De-constructions – Or 12 Ways to Re-construct Yourself in 12 Months